Looking forward to that big meal on Thursday? Many of us enjoy Thanksgiving a bit too much and overindulge. This is a great article with some tips on how to help your digestion this time of year. One of my personal favorites is to take a walk after a big meal. I had a great teacher that told me a hundred steps should be taken after every meal. It definitely helps! Not only does it help your digestion, but it also helps you shake off that sluggish feeling that comes after eating too much. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out when our Tacoma weather is so wet and cold, but even a short, brisk walk can help.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy Thanksgiving and take that time to be with family and friends. If you do overeat and your digestion needs some help to recover, my office will be closed from mid-day Wednesday (November 27th) and reopen Monday (December 2nd).

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!