One of my favorite activities to do every morning while I eat my breakfast is to peruse the NPR webpage. The other day I came upon this great article: Tai Chi May Help Parkinson's Patients Regain Balance.

It discusses an interesting study that split Parkinson's patients into three groups. Each group received a different kind of therapy: stretching, resistance training or Tai Chi. The Tai Chi group was able to see great improvements in strength and balance. This is so exciting! I loved practicing Tai Chi in school and found it relaxing and a big help dealing with stress. This kind of moving meditation can be a powerful thing, and I'm surprised we haven't seen more studies on the subject. My own experience treating Parkinson's with Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine is that these too are powerful techniques that can lead to profound improvements for the patient. I'm glad to have this study to refer my patients to when I recommended that they try Tai Chi in addition to Acupuncture. The more tools they can have to help them deal with illness, the better.

I have heard that there is a Tai Chi school in Tacoma: Tai Chi and Qi Gong Wellness Center. I'll have to go check it out!