We are thrilled to introduce our newest practitioner Rebecca Babik, EAMP, LMP to Hawthorn Natural Health!

Rebecca is wonderful practitioner and a highly respected colleague. She and I completed our Acupuncture and Massage training together at Bastyr and the Bellevue School of Massage. Rebecca has completed additional training in 5-Element Acupuncture which is an excellent complement to the techniques and styles that we both utilize in our practice. I've been lucky enough to receive treatments from her and I'm excited to have her back in Tacoma. I can't wait to to book a treatment with her!

What to expect:

Same treatment space - You can still get your treatments in a space that you're familiar with (and already know the parking tricks).

Same Online Scheduling and Phone Number - No need to worry about how to schedule your appointments or get in touch with us. That will remain the same.

Continued insurance coverage and billing - You can pay your usual copay or treatment fee and continue with your treatment plan.

Familiar with your treatments - I'll be talking to Rebecca about your treatment plans to make sure things stay on track and that she knows what works well for you.

Continue to build momentum with your progress - No need to put treatments on hold or wait to come in if a new issue crops up. We'd love to see you!

Similar practice styles - Rebecca and I both use similar techniques and philosophies that drive our practice. We want to make sure that you're comfortable and can relax and enjoy your treatment. We believe that this can help enrich your treatment and your experience. We love the remarkable changes that we see with Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine. We are honored to work with you on your healing journey.